Surface Mining

Specially adapted Planing Machines are used for surface mining method of extracting minerals on the surface of the Earth or removing manmade surfaces which are too hard to mill with a conventional planer.

Cut, crush and load in one single operation

The operating method of surface miners resembles that of cold milling machines. A special cutting drum cuts and crushes the material before it is loaded on dumpers via a robust conveyor system. The material can alternatively be deposited as a windrow between the miner’s crawler tracks – an option that enables surface miners to not only save time but costs and energy as well.

Power Plane Wirtgen SM2200 & W250i Surface Miners

By adding up to 6.5 tonnes of additional weight and changing the drum cutting configuration our 2.2m wide road milling machines can be used in surface mining applications.

At the heart of every milling/mining application

Milling tools with 25mm or 42mm Ø shanks are used in place of standard milling tools It is mainly the tips of the cutting tools used for milling that come into contact with the highly abrasive material to be milled. That is why they are made from highly wear-resistant carbide metal. Tool tips are available in different shapes and sizes, suitable for milling different types of material. In addition to that, the steel body of the point-attack cutting tools shows different degrees of hardness in the tool head and tool shaft, optimizing their breaking strength and resistance to wear and tear.

The right point-attack tool for any application

Their special shape, the materials used and different degrees of hardness in the steel body enable the cutting tools to absorb the shear stresses and impact loads acting on them during the milling operation. Different types of cutting tools are specially tailored for use in different applications, like cutting hard rock, milling asphalt or concrete, stabilizing soil or recycling road pavements.