Cold milling machine W250i

Project Description

The flagship of the large milling machine class.

  • The most powerful cold milling machine provides maximum milling output rates and productivity.
  • With the innovative FCS, various milling drums and milling units with working widths up to 4.40 m can be implemented to achieve higher levels of flexibility and machine performance.
  • The particularly wide front-loading conveyor and its high drive power guarantee the highest material loading capacity.
  • The innovative dual-engine concept is extremely fuel efficient due to its demand-based power output.
  • The machine is ideal for removing layers or entire road surfaces on major construction sites including motorways and airports.

Key figures

  • Milling width 2,200 mm
  • Milling depth 0 - 350 mm
  • Engine power 703 kW / 963 PS
  • Operating weight,(full tanks, full range of equipment) CE 50,810 daN (kg)
  • Milling drum drive mechanical
  • Number of tracks 4
  • Travel drive hydraulic / all-track
  • Skills
    • Flagship large milling machine
    • 2.20 m working width

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