Power Plane Surface Mine M5 Centre Reserve

Project Description

Job Report M5 Junctions 5-6 Oddingley (HA Area 9) Simple site preparation for slip form concrete safety barrier. Using specially adapted planers we can surface mine the existing centre reserve.

The photo shows one of our W250 Wirtgen 2.2m planers complete with Eco drum, mining picks fitted, vacuum cutting system to reduce dust, pts – parallel to surface technology with slope level control and optional laser offset levelling, moon balloon lighting and banksman mirrors cutting concrete centre reserve 40 - 150mm deep.

Removal of concrete formed channel (80kN) including steel post sockets.

Existing centre reserve with centre drainage channel & post sockets before planing.

Lamp column bases & gully lids have been broken out.

Area ready for slip formed barrier and channel, taken out up to 450mm deep,

N/B is the low side & S/B is the high side, a channel is reformed on N/B side of barrier .

Post socket after surface mining picks passed over, cutting 80kN PQ concrete at a depth of 200mm


  • Power Plane Ltd, using the latest technology has enabled us to successfully pioneer the process of mining concrete and have now proven another application for this innovation.
  • We have taken out 3.7KM of centre reserve in a 12 night programme to design levels using slope controls to achieve the correct falls and heights. Leaving all drainage runs and ducting in place without damage.
  • The site is now ready for slip form barriers and channels to be installed as required.