M27 Concrete Retexturing MAC Area 3

Project Description

In 2010 EnterpriseMouchel and the Highways Agency identified several uneconomic options to tackle the problem of reduced abrasion and total loss of texture on the concrete M27. When the problems became more severe they decided to undertake retexturing trials which would hopefully be an economic way forward.

A 'Departure from Standard' enabled three different maintenance solutions to be tested at junction 7 on the M27. Power Plane fine milled a 700 linear metre trial section of the concrete slip roads and over the next two years the section will be SCRIM tested bi-monthly to ensure the surface meets the Highways Agency standards for abrasion and texture depth. If successful Fine Milling will be accepted as an HA specified maintenance treatment of concrete Motorways and Trunk Roads.

M27 Texture Depth results

Fine Milling shows the most improvement with a 1.14mm average texture depth (the minimum requirement is 0.8mm). The alternative solutions achieved average texture depths of 0.86mm and 0.8mm.

The Fine Milling completed over 10,000m² in the night, the alternative solutions being tested only completed 5,000m² each.


HA/EnterpriseMouchel/Power Plane have proven that Fine Milling is an economical and fast solution to the problem of restoring skid resistance to worn, but structurally sound, concrete carriageways. EnterpriseMouchel/Power Plane have now completed the 175,000m2 of carriageway on M271 & M27.