A20/M25 for Connect Plus

Project Description

The carriageway you see is a concrete construction built in the mid 1970’s After many years of first class service the carriageway became worn and in need of an overhaul due to the settlement of the concrete bays over the decades and a reduction in surface texture.

So several years ago the treatment used was a 10 – 15mm Surface dressing. This treatment was necessary to regain skid resistance and ride quality. However during the last few years as you can see the surface dressing treatment has become exhausted and in many areas of the carriageway worn away completely. This carriageway is now in a worse condition than before the surface dressing was applied.

The questions being asked

  • How do we put this right?
  • How can we rehabilitate this carriageway more economically than has ever been possible before?
  • How do we extend the life carriageway?
  • What treatments are on the market today?

The answers

Power Plane Ltd has developed a rehabilitation process that ticks all these boxes. Due to innovation and investment in the latest technology we have become the market leaders in Road Rehabilitation by Fine Milling. The effectiveness of our process can be proven by 3D laser Scanning and retained as a permanent record by the client.

Our bespoke treatment for this project consisted of

  1. Stripping the remaining surface dressing and exposing the original concrete carriageway.
    This is done using our new generation road planers fitted with the very latest technology. Laser Levelling fitted in conjunction with PTS "Parallel to Surface" allows us to remove this surface dressing extremely accurately. At this stage we are back to a concrete carriageway with inconsistent skid resistance and bay settlement.
  2. Part of our treatment is to Fine Mill the now exposed concrete, Power Plane’s Fine Milling process produces the texture depth the client requires and can be varied to suit.
    The biggest advantage, which is unique to Power Plane’s Fine Milling re-texturing treatment is that whilst we are retexturing we are also using Power Plane’s Multiplex system, this incorporates our latest developments and Integrates Laser levelling, Ultrasonic Sensors, averaging beam & PTS. Automatically and with great accurately mill all neighbouring bays level. This insures the ride of the road is fully restored to and the newly texture surface as no reason to last any less than it did when 1st build.

Test Results

  • The carriageway is restored to it's original "as built" condition.
  • This process has rehabilitated the carriageway more economically than other treatments.
  • We have extend the life of the carriageway.
  • No need to lift barriers or reduce bridge clearance, as with an overlay.
  • The surface can accept traffic at any stage of the process making TM (traffic Management) easy to programme.
  • Micro profiled the road as well re-textured the surface.
  • Used no materials and produced no waste as all arisings are recycled.